In this exhibition, Jean Boghossian offers us a brief overview of his latest and most recent aesthetic research. For the most part, it concerns four mediums: paper, canvas, the artist's workbook and wood. For several years, he integrated these materials with fire. He often uses smoke, but sometimes mixes it with pigments.


This spring, to mark the season of creativity and new beginnings, Selections invited Jean Boghossian and Ayman Baalbaki to work together. The resulting collaboration led to a stunning series of paintings blending the two artists’ distinctive approaches, from Boghossian’s burning of his canvasses to Baalbaki’s florally-inflected impressionist paintings..

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“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” - Albert Einstein


The conference "Fire in Contemporary Art" was held by Bruno Corà at the Beirut Exhibition Center. In cooperation with AGIAL Art Gallery


Following the large retrospective of Jean Boghossian’s work at the Beirut Exhibition Center last December and January, a meeting between the artist and Lebanese painter and installation artist Ayman Baalbaki led to a revealing dialogue that eventually resulted in creative collaboration. The two artists decided to work together on several paintings at Boghossian’s studio in Brussels, driven by their desire to share their respective artistic experiences, explore their mutual affinity and reflect on their shared relationship with life in Beirut and Lebanon’s turbulent history.

Tra Due Fuochi

Over the years, Jean Boghossian has experimented with different techniques –drawing, oil painting, charcoal, watercolor, folding and collage- on his way to working with the theme and techniques of fire. Bruno Corá, art critic and President of the Burri Foundation Cittá di Castello in Italy, will curate the new exhibition that’s mostly centered on this theme.In cooperation with AGIAL Art Gallery.