200x200cm, 2016-2017, Smoke on Acrylic Canvas.

Fire has a life of its own. It spreads according to contingencies, possesses moods. It searches for a way, expertly, precisely. Boghossian intervenes, taking into account this constraint, with a lucidity that states that it isn’t only the arm that guides the brush but the flame.
Whatever the medium and the tool, it is the trajectory that is essential.

Enclosure of Smoke

Sensitive Traces

If burning causes damage, it also generates strange colorations. Flames, in themselves, are metamorphosed into a brush. From then, chance manifests itself and allows itself to be led by the hand of the artist. This technique allows him to discover, little by little, a personal approach to the space.

For many years, a large part of his work was experimenting with the movement of the flames, their reconstructive effects on structures burnt by all sorts of combustions. Folds, drawings, books and paintings went through the tests of fire, smoke and their hypothetical symphonies.