• FLOWING SMOKE Paradox of Destruction & Appearance

The Flowing Smoke

The Spirit

Fire has a life of its own. It spreads according to contingencies, possesses moods. It searches for a way, expertly, precisely. Boghossian intervenes, taking into account this constraint, with a lucidity that states that it isn’t only the arm that guides the brush but the flame. Whatever the medium and the tool, it is the trajectory that is essential. And the scorches suggest other things such as the pouring forth of smoky breath on the painting, those which themselves are the work, where the parallels finally meet.

His work feeds the trace from his unconscious, his various fascinations are nature, and it would be simplistic to see only the imprint of his personal life. The major element of his approach is “hazard”, intrinsic medium of fire but also omnipresent in his paintings, and in his life. The artist never stops trying to master it while leaving it to interact and give shape to his dreams and his artistic freedom..