Papers of Fire


Jean Boghossian exhibits his art books and papers realized with bunrt and joined papers. His new production includes burnt pigments. If every work is unique and realized in one single copy, all these books and papers translate his interest to invest, durably, into a new aesthetic field: the papers of fire.


At the origin of this practice we discover in him, as an artist, a solid attachment to burnt papers, and on the other hand, a fascination for knowledge. His books thus produce an encounter between the artist and the world of culture. And this world, of course, is similar to the world of Art.

The path

That is why, if he paints his books with fire, an extreme practice, it is because he looks for a path in a radical way. And maybe, he can make his own, the question Merleau-Ponty asks, in "The Eye and The Spirit", about Van Gogh in the introduction: "What is this secret science he has or which he searches? This dimension according to which Van Gogh wants to go "further"? This fundamental of painting, and maybe of all the culture?".

These researches are situated between two worlds: the world of art and the world of writing! Art critic - Victor Hugo Riego